Possum Removal Canberra

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Possums are shy animals that do not want to be involved with humans. However, now due to the various factors, they are forced to be around humans much more, and some of the species have even adapted to live around humans too. But this has caused various problems to even humans, as for food and shelter, they often invade our property. And their favourite place to take shelter is either inside the roof or basement.

So, if you are facing problems like possum infestation, then contact Pest Control 4 Canberra. Our team for  Possum removal Canberra offers the best possum removal services in the entire Canberra. Moreover, our possum catchers are very experienced and use safe methods to remove them from your property. And our crew is available to provide you services on an emergency basis too. So contact us now. 

Different Possum Removal Services We Offer

✔ Possum inspection and removal– Our company shall be your first choice for efficient Possum inspection service and their removal too. As we offer both services at a very affordable price. 

✔ Residential Possum Removal–  We are the best company for possum removal services from your house. So, contact our company to get the Home Possum removal service now.

✔ Restaurant Possum Removal- if possums have infiltrated your restaurant and you require Possum Removal service then contact our team today. We offer attractive deals and packages.

✔ Pre purchase Possum inspection– you can contact our team to get the most detailed pre purchase inspection report. 

✔ Emergency Possum Removal services- We offer this service for the people who require immediate possum removal. We will be there in 1 hour.

✔ Same day Possum Removal-  you can contact our team to get the possum removal services on the same day with no pre booking. 

Common Tips and tricks to keep Possum out of your property

Possums often get into a property to either seek shelter or food. And, as they are protected species, killing them is not an option. But you can also not be with them under the same roof. So, If you are looking for a few tricks that can help you to keep the possum out of your property. Then you can check the points mentioned below:

  • Eliminating their food source from or around your property will discourage them from entering your place. 
  • To keep them away from your property, the smell of garlic is very effective. 
  • You can seal all the small and big holes in your property. 
  • The place where they can make the home or take shelter, you can just leave bright lights there. 
  • Make customized shelter for them on your property, or you can get one from the market. 
  • If still nothing works, then you can contact our company for possum treatment service. 


1. Does your company and team have a license to provide Possum Removal?

Yes, all of our team members and our company have both licenses and insurance. 

2. What is the commonly spotted possum in Canberra?

The Brushie or common brushtail possum has adapted to live in cities and suburbs and is commonly spotted in Canberra.

3. Do you guys release possum far away?

No, as per the law we are bound to release the possum within the 50 meters from where they were captured.