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Our Termite Control Canberra team focuses on providing the best Termite Control services to keep your ambience safe and healthy. If your ceiling and flooring are swollen up then you definitely require a termite invasion. Termite destroys the wooden doors, windows, furniture. Pest Control 4 Canberra has a professional team of experts that can help you with termite infestations and how to keep them away from the home. With the passage of time, the ideal treatment methodology has changed. Our Termite Control professionals use modern and updated tools for commercial Termite Control and Residential Termite Control. Subsequently, to decide the proper treatment decision, an assessment is important. For the entirety of your best alternatives, reach us at 02 4208 0651. You can avail service within the same day Termite Control service within 24 hours of booking.
termite control canberra

Termites Tips and Preventions

  • Remove all timber, wood, mulch, paper, cardboard or other cellulose-based trash from around the establishment.
  • Keep wooden siding above 6 inches from the soil.
  • If you have a wooden fence close to your home, check for decayed or invaded wood. You can likewise use Termite Control Paint to deter them from transforming your fence.
  • observe all the plants, routinely.
  • Place wooden furniture in the sunlight so often.
  • Check your material and glimmer for water spills.
  • Check drains and downspouts to assure that there is no water leakage.
  • Keep all sprinkler heads pointed away from your home.
  • Keep dead trees and decaying wood away from your home.
  • Remove any tree stumps or extra development wood around your home.
  • Don’t leave papers, cardboard boxes and other paper items in your home for expanded time frames.
  • Check for leakages regularly.
  • Seal breaks around water and gas lines with a sealant.
  • Remove any bad or harmed wood and supplant with termite-safe materials
  • Turn off outdoor lights in the time, which can draw in flying termites.
  • Check window screens and fix any openings.


  1. Is it normal for termites to bite humans?
  2. Despite the fact that termite invasions can cause generous harm.

  3. What are the things that termites hate the most?
  4. Termite anti-agents incorporate cedarwood, geranium, and tea tree oil. Termite repellent properties have additionally been assurance for clove bud, cinnamon, and garlic oils.

  5. Is it conceivable to book a spot for your Canberra services?
  6. Indeed, termite control services are accessible across Canberra. Just give us your name and address, and we’ll set up an arrangement for you.