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Things You Can Do To Keep Termites Out Of Your House 

Preventing termites is something you should think about before moving into your new home. Termite control is something you should consider if you want to secure your future. The steps in a successful termite prevention approach are as follows:

  • Regularly inspect for leaks and water damage. 
  • If you notice any gaps in the walls or flooring, fill them in. 
  • Remove any cardboard boxes from your home and dispose of them. 
  • When you are not using outside lights at night, swiff them off. Termites are attracted to light. 
  • Before you move into a new home, you should contact termite prevention treatment specialists.
  • Termites will not like to infest your home if it is sunny and dry. 
  • Termites are wood eating insects. Termite prevention spray can be used on wooden things such as windows and doors. 


  1. Is there a possibility of termite returning after the termite control service?
  2. Termites might still make their way back into your house after treatment service. Calling a professional pest management who will provide you with a complete warranty is the greatest method to decrease the possibilities of termites returning to your house.

  3. Do you provide emergency termite inspection service?
  4. Yes, our company provides emergency termite inspection service in a timely manner just over a call.

  5. At what time termite infestation is most in Canberra?
  6. Although termite infestations can occur at any time of year, termites breed new colonies during the springtime. High temperatures and occasional rains throughout this season accelerated their spread with the objective of establishing new colonies. Once these termites have lost their wings and fallen to the ground, they will begin to mate and form a new colony.